Popular JACHTLAK in MATTE too!

Popular JACHTLAK in MATTE too!

The current new product S1106 JACHTLAK MAT is primarily intended for (just as S 1006 JACHTLAK) highly resistant colourless coats for wood and wooden materials in exteriors and interiors with increased humidity, e.g. garden furniture, panelling, doors and windows, in laundry rooms, in bathrooms or near swimming pools, boats, oars etc. The paint is exceptional for its high and long-term protection against the weather and UV rays.

JACHTLAK MAT has a number of advantages:
- high protection against UV rays (high share of UV absorbers)
- high protection against the weather
- very high resistance against fresh water (permanent submersion)
- superior mechanical resistance (quality alcadurethane bond)
- fast drying (especially for handling)

JACHTLAK MAT is supplied in optimum consistence, directly prepared for application – it does not need to be thinned or modified in any other way. The paint is based on modern and resistant types of bonding agents, which guarantee its high mechanical resistance and consistency even in the most demanding conditions, e.g. long-term submersion in water.
The basic offer includes 0.6 and 3.5 and 9 litre packaging.

More on Jachtlak available here.


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