O1020 PROFI OIL GLAZE – expanded by 3 new shades

O1020 PROFI OIL GLAZE – expanded by 3 new shades

It has been one year since we successfully introduced OIL GLAZE O 1020 to the market, which very quickly became popular among customers thanks to its superior properties.

The demand for a broader scale of shades has been resolved by the addition of 3 new shades and a second swatch in an entirely new format. 
O 1020 PROFI OIL GLAZE is intended for quality and long-term protection of wood surfaces, wood components and wood structures such as houses, chalets, cabins, fences, pergolas, garden furniture, children’s playgrounds etc. in an outdoor environment directly affected by the weather. 
O 1020 OIL GLAZE combines a number of superior qualities:
- application in one layer (high composition of dry solids “70%” replaces 2 to 3 layers of classic glazes)
- properties of natural oils (deep penetration into wood and thereby providing high protection)
- conserving natural structures and textures of wood (does not create any coat layer on the wood)
- excellent protection against the weather and UV rays (high share of quality transparent pigments)
- vapour permeability of coatings (wood “breathes” without restrictions and any residual humidity evaporates)
- high spreading rate (approx. 15 m2/l, or up to 20 m2/l for smooth surfaces or less absorbent wood)
- suitable for children’s furniture and toys (in conformity with EN 71 no. 3 standards)
- optimum drying even on non-absorbent surfaces (can be handled normally within 24-30 hours)
- environmentally friendly (low emissions VOC, 2/3 of the glaze are from natural renewable resources)
- the simplest repair and renewal of old or damaged coats

The composition of the single-layer oil glaze ensures low viscosity (optimum fluidity), which together with the composition of the modified oil ensures excellent ability to penetrate together with optimum steam-permeability. The permeability of the coat for water vapour enables the wood to so-called “breathe” and the material can dry without any restrictions, or in terms of volume, without any functional or aesthetic damages to the coating. Considering the non-volatile contents of the solution, the OIL GLAZE is environmentally friendly as the emission of organic solvents (VOC) has decreased significantly and also because the deciding amount of approx. 2/3 of the single-layer oil glaze comes from natural, renewable resources. 
The high content of non-volatile elements (70% minimum) ensures that one layer of O 1020 oil glaze achieves the same protective properties as two or three layers of classic penetrating glazes. Naturally the costs for the entire coat are thereby decreased and enable us to talk about a single-layer glaze, in terms of O 1020.  The OIL GLAZE meets the present demands on fast drying properties, where the coat dries, even on non-absorbent surfaces, within the required classification grade for common handling within 24 hours.
The present basic offer of shades, including new shades, provides 7 of the most demanded natural tones and a colourless option. Moreover, COLORLAK has strived to meet the demands of customers in terms of swatches. With consideration to maximum realism (saturation) of shades when using various types of wood and quality of sanded wood, two separate swatches are available for the needs of customers. The “fan” swatch represents quality dried and sanded wood (pine, larch, oak) with an OIL GLAZE spreading rate of 15-17 m2/l. The “cabin” swatch presents high saturation of shades connected to a rough and absorbent surface of massive components (in this case, the spreading rate of glaze is approx. 6 - 8 m2/l).
Standard packaging sizes offered 0.75 and 2.5 litres.

Swatch – fan

                              Swatch - fan