LIGNOSTOPs are highly effective concentrated water-based solutions for thorough and long-term preventive protection of wood (longer than 25 years) against wood-damaging fungi, including dry rot fungus, wood-staining fungi, moulds and wood-damaging insects. They have a remediation effect against fungi and moulds.

After just partial drying (approx. 2 hours), the highly effective chemical compounds already penetrate 100% into the wood and thus can no longer be removed by water. Thereby, the treated wood can be exposed to rain during storage or assembly and the effectiveness of protective substances remains unchanged. LIGNOSTOPs are used on their own or can be used under water-soluble or solvent-borne coating systems (paints, glazes, base colours, single-coatings). LIGNOSTOPs are also intended for the treatment of walling, plasters etc. affected by moulds, and their long-term protection against the reoccurrence of moulds and penetration of wood decay fungi.  

Distinct qualities of the products:
•    high and long-term effectiveness – against wood decay fungi, woo-damaging insects, staining and moulds;
•    100% fixation in the wood – not extractable by water, the wood can be exposed to rain;
    does not smell bad – characteristic gentle almond scent;
•    water-based concentrate;
    even for protecting walls and plasters; 
    same dosing for interiors and exteriors;
•    coating, spraying, dipping, pressure impregnation; 
•    new special formula – can be used e.g. even for treating wood features of children’s playgrounds, sports centres etc.;
•    unlimited service life in interiors – in terms of wood treated by LIGNOSTOP (even without a cover coat). 

V 1041 LIGNOSTOP PROFI is a universal, non-washable, concentrated solution for protecting wood, walls and plasters against fungi, moulds, staining and wood-damaging insects in the exterior and interior.

Colours: green and colourless

Use: For its high effectiveness, spreading rate and 100% fixation in wood, it is used by professionals (carpenters, construction companies) and DIYers for treating wood and wood-based materials such as wood trusses, beams, gables, log cabins and garden structures and furniture, fencing, windows, doors and panelling. Moreover, it is used for temporary protection of raw timber against bluing and moulds. It serves as protection for walls and plasters – restoration of sites affected by moulds, and long-term protection against the reoccurrence of moulds and penetration of wood-decaying fungi. It has no odour.

Application: coating, spraying, dipping, pressure impregnation

Dilution: water in a ratio of 1:9

Spreading rate: up to 50 m² per litre of the concentrate