The company COLORLAK a.s. has been cooperating with the company MAZ

The company COLORLAK a.s. has been cooperating with the company MAZ

For more than two years, the company COLORLAK a.s. has been cooperating with the foreign manufacturer of trucks, the company MAZ - Minsk Automobile Plant.

And as the name itself suggests, the company is based in Minsk City. This Belarusian company manufactures MAZ trucks, buses or trolley busses.

A long time passed, more specifically 3 years from the initial contact between the two companies to concluding a contract. However, patience paid off and the first supplies were delivered to Belarus in 2009. We have been intensively cooperating together since 2010. In 2011 we concluded an annual contract in several million EUR.

COLORLAK a.s. supplies U2008 and U2060 products to the automobile plant in Minsk, which are used in the production of truck semi-trailers.

COLORLAK a.s. was one of the sponsors of the Belarussian MAZ-SPORT AUTO team, which participated in the three-day Golden Kagan race. The opening ceremony took place on 28th April 2011 in the city of Astrakhan, during which Governor Alexandr Zhilkin, Minister of Sport and Travel and Tourism, launched the entire race. Overcrowded Lenin Square enthusiastically watched the opening because it is not everyday that you get to see rally car speeding through the city.

Competition of the MAZ-SPORT auto team included for example the KAMAZ-Master or Renat Trans team from Rostov-on-Don, which drives in MAN vehicles. Novelties and technical improvements made to the vehicle prior to the race proved worthwhile to the MAZ-SPORT team.

In the end, the crew formed by the driver Alexandr Vasilevsky, navigator Valerij Kozlovsky and engineer Vladimir Vasilevsky managed to successfully finish the race and get the cup for third place in the category of “Trucks”.

More information about MAZ-SPORT AUTO team you can find here: