THE COLORLAK TINTING SYSTEM (CLTS) is newly introduced to the market and is derived from the water soluble tinting system that has thus been used by the subsidiary EKOLAK and is based on the experience that COLORLAK a.s. has with industrial tinting of the finest types of coatings in other tinting systems and turn-key production on the automatic industrial tinting machine (AITM).            



Thus the COLORLAK TINTING SYSTEM includes two lines of tinting products. This enables customers to choose a system according to specific needs.

DECOR – decorative paints for use mainly in civil engineering and for individual application. Décor enables the tinting of paints and plasters known from the EKOLAK assortment and selected synthetic and water soluble paints from the COLORLAK assortment.

PROFI – top coating (solvent coatings) materials for industrial application.