synthetic glossy top coat with high dry matter content

the top paint S 2150 is designed for coats with high gloss and prolonged protection against weather effects and UV radiation.;
the paint has excellent application characteristics for application with a brush, paintroller and by spraying (gloss, flow, sagging, covering power);
it is intended for interior and exterior use for both metal and wooden surfaces, and on coherent and adhesive old coat;
the paint has significantly higher covering power, spreading rate and thicker coat compared to traditional paints, e.g. S 2013.
high resistance to UV radiation and weather effects;
high and stable gloss;
excellent covering power and whiteness;
high spreading rate.
By spraying, with a brush or paintroller at a temperature of 15-25 °C and relative air humidity up to 75%. For application with a brush or roller does not require thinning. Optimal (recommended) coat is achieved at the spreading rate of 14-16 m2/l, which is 35-40 µm of dry film thickness. The surface being coated must be dry, clean, free from any impurities, grease or wax.
Thinner: S 6005 for application by brushing or roller coating, S 6001 for spraying.
Theoretical spreading rate:
14-16 m2/l, which is 60-70 µm of wet or 35-40 µm of dry film thickness.