alkyd urethane colourless glossy varnish

S 1016 is an alkyd urethane (synthetic) varnish designed for resistant gloss coating of wood and wooden materials for both exterior and interior use;
the PREMIUM varnish provides high and prolonged protection against weather effects and UV radiation even in demanding environments with high humidity, even for submerged parts, it is suitable e.g. for garden furniture, linings, doors and windows, in washing rooms, bathrooms, in the vicinity of swimming pools, parts of boats, paddles, etc.
high resistance to weather effects;
high resistance to UV radiation;
suitable also for submersion in fresh water;
excellent mechanical properties.
With a brush or by spraying at a temperature of 15-25 °C and relative air humidity up to 70%. Apply on dry, clean, sound wood, appropriately sanded and free from all resin residues. Maximum wood humidity is 10-12%. Optimal (recommended) coat is achieved at the spreading rate of 10-12 m2/l.
Thinner: S 6006 - thin according to the method of application.
Theoretical spreading rate:10-12 m2/l in one coat, which is cca. 40 µm of dry film thickness.