quick-drying alkyd top paint with silk gloss

it is suitable for top coats of both wood and metal exposed to weather influences, especially windows and doors;
it can be used in the supplied consistence;
thanks to using modern modified alkyd binding agents the paint offers exceptionally fast drying in comparison with traditional synthetic paints while retaining their characteristic advantages - excellent brushability and levelling property;
high content of quality pigments gives the paint excellent covering power and weathering resistance;
special additives enhance resistance against blocking and improve water repellency of the surface;
old coats can be overcoated after removing impurities and roughing of the surface;
the advantage when coating wood 3 in 1 is that the S 2082 can be applied without a priming coat in 2-3 layers at an interval of 5-10 hours between the individual layers;
PROFI OKNO is a combination of properties of both priming and top paint.
high resistance to UV radiation;
high resistance to weather effects;
for coating wood 3 in 1 (primer, filler and top all with one paint) – single layer;
quick drying;
basic offer  -  3 shades.
By spraying, with brush at a temperature of 15-25 °C and a maximum relative humidity of 75% on properly pretreated surface. Coating of wood: S 2082 can be applied directly on a dry and clean wooden surface, or on a sanded priming coat (e.g. S 2070). Coating of metal: metal surface primed with an anticorrosive primer (e.g. S 2000, S 2003, S 2129)
Thinner: S 6006 for brush, S 6001 for spray, universal thinner C 6500
Theoretical spreading rate: 13-15 m2 from 1 litre of paint in one layer