synthetic fast-drying primer

the paint S 2070 is designed for priming - filling and undercoats of wooden products, such as windows, doors, etc.;
The paint is sandable and is a suitable undercoat applied under oil, synthetic and water soluble top paints;
when applied on wood in interiors, the paint is applied on wooden surfaces impregnated with colourless glazing varnish LUSONOL S 1023/0000;
FUNGISTOP S 1031 is a suitable impregnant for wood in exteriors;
S 2070 is suitable for painting products that come into indirect contact with consumables, feeding stuffs or drinking water.
easy sandability;
levelling minor irregularities;
good pore-filling ability;
faster drying.
With a brush, or by spraying, flow coating or dipping at a temperature of 15-25 °C and maximum relative air humidity up to 75%. S 2070 is designed for filling pores and minor irregularities and has good sandability (sandpaper No. 150-240)
Thinner: S 6006, C 6500, for spraying use S 6001 or S 6005 in summer.
Theoretical spreading rate: 15-16 m² from 1 litre of paint