alkydurethane top paint for radiators

the top paint S 2221 well withstands heat, and therefore is suitable mainly for modifications and repairs of radiator, piping and fittings coats;
PROFI RADIATOR features excellent mechanical and chemical resistance of the coat;
it is universally applicable for top coats on metal, for interiors as well as exteriors, exposed to weather effects;
it is also used for renewal and maintenance of older oil and synthetic paints;
it is applied on metal surfaces coated e.g. with the primer SYNOREX
     S 2003, S 2000.
high mechanical resistance;
faster drying;
excellent resistance to UV radiation.
By spraying or with a brush  at the optimum temperature of 15-20 °C and relative air humidity up to 75%. The surface must be properly pretreated and coated with a primer.
Thinner: S 6006 for brushing, S 6001 for spraying.
Theoretical spreading rate: 11-14 m² from 1 litre of paint depending on shade