synthetic top paint for radiators, glossy

it is suitable for glossy top coats of hot-water (max. 80 oC) exchangers, radiators, piping, fittings, etc.;
to be applied on metal surfaces coated with anticorrosive primer, e.g. S 2000, S 2003 or S 2129;
if required it can be used for exterior coating of metal surfaces primed with a suitable anticorrosive primer;
suitable for painting products and surfaces that come in indirect contact with consumables, feeding stuffs and drinking water.
high whiteness and covering power;
excellent resistance to UV radiation;
high quality/price ratio.
By spraying, with a brush or a paint roller. To be applied on dry, clean surface in 1-3 layers at an interval of 24-48 hours at a temperature of 15-25 oC and a maximum relative humidity up to 75%.
S 6001 for spraying, S 6006 for application by brush or paintroller, C 6500 universally
Theoretical spreading rate: 13 m² from 1 litre of paint