synthetic anticorrosive primer, thixotropic

primer with anticorrosive properties suitable for metal objects for exterior and interior use;
it is suitable for applications under synthetic and epoxy paints (primer can be overcoated in 6 hours) or nitrocellulose paints (primer cannot be overcoated sooner than in 24 hours), for example for surface finishing of castings, metal structures, car bodies etc.;
has thixotropic nature which prevents sagging on vertical surfaces, even if a thicker coat is applied;
is suitable for painting products and surfaces that come in indirect contact with consumables, feeding stuffs and drinking water.
high anticorrosive protection;
faster drying;
thixotropic - can be applied in a thicker layer.
By high-pressure and pneumatic spraying, with a brush, paintroller at a temperature of 15 25 °C and maximum relative air humidity up to 75% on a dry, clean, degreased and derusted surface. Minimum temperature for application is in general 5 °C and must be at least 3°C above the dew point.
Thinner: S 6001 for spraying, S 6006 for application with a brush or paintroller.
Theoretical spreading rate: 14-15 m² from 1 litre of paint depending on shade