synthetic anticorrosive primer for iron and light metals

is designed for prime coating of steel under synthetic, oil, nitrocellulose, nitro combination and acrylic top paints, e.g. to treat car bodies, metal structures, etc. 
high anticorrosive protection;
quick drying;
wide range of use.


By spraying, with a brush, paintroller or by dipping at a temperature of 15-25 °C and maximum relative air humidity up to 75% on a dry, clean, degreased and derusted surface. Minimum temperature is in general 5 °C and must be at least 3 °C above the dew point.
Thinner: C 6000 or C 6500 for spraying, S 6005 for application with a brush.
Theoretical spreading rate:
8.0-9.2 m2 in one coat with the dry coat thickness of 40 µm from 1 kg of the base paint, or 10.0-13 m2 from 1 litre of the base paint depending on its shade.