PROFI V 2099

dispersion interior paint

quick-drying snow-white interior paint, washable and abrasion-resistant, with very good covering power, higher dry matter, and excellent adhesion;
it is suitable for painting walling, lime, lime-cement and dispersion plasters, plasterboards, concrete, and lightweight construction materials and for repainting old coatings, fibreboard, chipboard, and CETRIS boards;
it is designed for heavy-duty living spaces (kitchens, children’s rooms) and also for hospitals, schools, offices, etc.
high covering power and whiteness;
excellent washability and abrasion resistance;
high spreading rate and vapour permeable, smooth surface;
high adhesion;
serves for adjustment of saturation (brightening) of shades of tinted paints ELEGANT and COLOR.
With a brush or roller or by spraying at both ambient and surface temperature of from 5 to 25 °C. The ground must be dry, clean, coherent, freed from dust and impurities, freed from old non-adhesive coatings (especially glue and lime coatings), and damp-proof. Mineral substrate must be sufficiently mature. Absorbent and very absorbent substrates must be primed with a suitable penetration agent (e.g. EKOPEN).
Thinner: water   
Thinning:   1st coat cca. 20% of water
                2nd coat max. 10% of water
Theoretical spreading rate: 7-10 m2 from 1 kg of paint in one layer.