vinyl matt interior paint

BRILIANT MAT is a water-soluble vinyl matt interior paint;
it has high covering power, is washable, abrasion resistant, highly bright and has high spreading rate;
BRILIANT MAT is easily spreadable on all types of grounds and quick drying;
snow white paint with high vapour permeability, has agreeable smooth and plastic look;
high content of vinyl binding agent ensures high inner compactness of the coating, which allows repeated application of many layers (e.g. in case of renovations);
it is designed for living spaces with high degree of load;
it is used for protective and decorative painting of interior walls and ceilings, for painting brickwork, plasterboards, wood, chipboard, fibreboard and wood-cement chipboard, concrete panels and panels from expanded structural materials, paper and structural wallpapers;
washability evaluated according to ČSN EN ISO 4616: washability means ease with which dust, impurities and surface stains can be washed from the surface of the dried film without corrupting its specific properties.
high covering power and whiteness;
excellent washability and abrasion resistance;
high spreading rate and vapour permeability;
matt and smooth surface;
quick drying;
high adhesion to old dispersion coats.
With a brush, roller and by spraying at both ambient and substrate temperatures from 8 to 30 °C and relative air humidity up to 75%. The ground must be mature, chemically neutral, solid, dry, clean, degreased, sealed and sanded, free of dust and incompact layers.
Thinning: clean water   
                         1. - priming coat max. 0.2 l of water for 1 litre of paint
                         2. - usual coat max. 0.1 l of water for 1 litre of paint
Theoretical spreading rate: 14-18 m2 in one coat from 1 l of paint (depending on absorbing capacity).