tinted interior paint

tinted matt liquid interior paint designed for immediate application onto walling, lime plasters, lime-cement plasters and dispersion plasters, plasterboard, concrete, fibreboard and wood chipboard and for recoating old coats;
it features high abrasion resistance, excellent vapour permeability, high stability of shades and excellent covering power and adhesion to the substrate;
excellent abrasion resistance of ELEGANT, complying with the standard ČSN 73 2582 (Abrasion resistance test of surface finish of building structures) is documented by the Test Institute certificate;
it serves for colour coatings of various modern interiors (flats, private houses, offices, hotels, etc.);
where quick achievement of interesting and rich natural colour shades is required;
it is offered in a range of 12 full shades and saturation of these shades can be arbitrarily adjusted by mixing with white interior paint PROFI V 2099.
12 full a permanent shades;
high covering power and vapour permeability;
high abrasion resistance;
wide range of use.
With a brush, roller or by spraying at a paint, substrate and ambient temperature of from 5 to 25 °C. The ground must be dry, clean, coherent, freed from dust and impurities, freed from old non-adhesive coatings (especially clay and lime coatings), and damp-proof. Absorbent substrates must be penetrated with suitable dispersion (acrylic) penetration, such as EKOPEN.
Thinner: water
Theoretical spreading rate: 7-10 m2 from 1 kg of paint in one layer.