interior paint

classical liquid interior paint for immediate application in interiors;
water-soluble, vapour permeable, quick-drying, matt, mould resistant, with high covering power
with good brushability, suitable for various applications;
it is used for painting lime-cement plasters, masonry, wood, chipboard, fibreboard and cement bonded particleboards, concrete panels, and panels of foamed materials.
excellent covering power;
high vapour permeability;
classical interior paint (without dispersion).

Stir the V 2006 paint thoroughly prior to use and apply it onto a pretreated substrate with a ground wall brush, paintbrush, roller or by spraying. The substrate must be mature, chemically neutral, solid, dry, free from mechanical impurities, degreased, sealed and ground, free from dust and noncohesive layers. The drying time is approximately 4 hours at 20 °C. Neither the ambient temperature nor the substrate temperature may drop below + 8 °C during application.
Thinner: Water 
Thinning: Apply priming coat with the paint diluted in the ratio of max. 0.5 litre of water for 1 kg of paint. After drying of the priming coat, apply 1-2 top coats with the paint thinned in the ratio of max. 0.3-0.5 litre of water for 1 kg of paint.
Theoretical spreading rate:
9 m2 from 1 kg of paint in one layer.