acrylic paint on concrete and asphalt surfaces, matt

        the paint S 2819 SILAMAT is designed for colour coating of various concrete and asphalt     surfaces in interiors and exteriors, e.g. floors of workshops, garages and store-houses,     children's playgrounds, sports grounds, cycling paths, car parks, etc.;
        it is not intended for horizontal marking of roads and for industrial floors with high load     (e.g. heavy transportation and handling equipment);
    SILAMAT is not suitable for very smooth surfaces - for special smoothed concrete     surfaces, adhesion must be verified and if needed, the surface must be ground;
        the paint S 2819 must not be used for treatment of products and surfaces that come into     direct contact with consumables, feeding stuffs and drinking water or for painting of     children’s furniture and toys.
    high resistance to UV radiation and weather effects;
    certification for antiskid property under dry and wet conditions;
    quick drying (can be walked on after 3-4 hours);
    high mechanical resistance;
    for concrete andasphalt.
By air or airless spraying, brush, roller at a temperature of 10-25 °C and a maximum relative humidity of 75%. The substrate must be free from rough impurities, oil residues or other grease and must be insulated against penetration of ground humidity. SILAMAT is applied in 1-2 layers (depending on the method of application) at an interval of 4-24 hours.
Thinner:  C 6000, C 6500

Theoretical spreading rate:
8-9 m² from 1 kg with the dry coat thickness of 40 µm.
The spreading rate for normal coat is 3-5 m² from one litre of paint depending on absorbing capacity and complexity of the surface and the method of application.