chlorinated rubber paint for swimming pools

•        the paint H 2203 TREXON BAZÉNY is designed for coating of swimming pools and     water tanks;
    the thoroughly dried coating film (no less than 10 days after application of the last layer)     protects concrete or metal from the effects of water;
        the paint H 2203 is not suitable for coating of very smooth surfaces (smoothed surfaces or     surfaces with other special treatment);
        the paint 2203 (shades 0400 and 0508) was tested in the National Health Institute in     Prague and it meets the requirements for surface treatment of swimming pools;
     is suitable for application on products and surfaces that get in indirect contact with     consumables, feeding stuffs and drinking water.
    high chemical resistance;
    high resistance to water;
    certified for swimming pools.
By brush or roller at a temperature of 15-25 °C and a maximum relative air humidity of 70% on properly pretreated surface (typycally concrete) in at least 2-3 layers.
Thinner: H 6000
Theoretical spreading rate: 10-11 m² from 1 litre of paint