chemically resistant chlorinated rubber top paint

        the top paint TREXON EMAIL H 2001 is used for coating of places exposed to effects of     chemicals, water and common washing agents;
        it is not resistant against organic solvents, fatty acids and substances containing them;
      the coating is suitable for concrete floors, walls with plaster, and even wood and metal.     The coating is resistant to water with detergents;
    dried up coating protects the substrate from effects of water (seasoning after at least 10     days after application of last layer).;
        coatings must not be permanently exposed to temperatures exceeding 40 °C and are not     suitable for surfaces permanently exposed to weather effects, especially UV radiation.;
        H 2001 is suitable for painting products that come into indirect contact with consumables,     feeding stuffs or drinking water.
    high chemical resistance;
    high resistance to water.
With a brush or roller at a temperature of 15-25 °C and a maximum relative air humidity of 75%.
Spraying of chlorinated rubber coating compositions is difficult - has worse flow. Apply on perfectly dried up base coating e.g. S 2035, H 2003, S 2003 or S 2318. For achieving required chemical resistance it is necessary to apply at least 3 layers (after 24 hours) with total thickness of dried coating of at least 90-100 µm.
Thinner: H 6000
Theoretical spreading rate: 13-14 m² from 1 litre of paint (depending on shade)